The Alice Boarman Baldridge Woman of Distinction Award

The purpose of the Alice Boarman Baldridge Woman of Distinction Award is to recognize IWF-
Alabama members and role models who demonstrate extraordinary leadership, and commitment to
cause, courage, and integrity. Recipients of the Baldridge Award epitomize the values for which
IWF stands and represent the best of who we are as women and as leaders.
The Baldridge Award will be presented at IWF-Alabama’s annual meeting, but only when the special
achievements of a woman of distinction meet the award criteria.

A Baldridge Award nominee must be an active member of IWF-Alabama for at least one year who
has attended at least 50% of Forum meetings over the past 12 months.
The Baldridge Award will be presented to women who:
• Exemplify the mission and ideals of IWF
• Are active and respected members of the community
• Demonstrate the leadership, community involvement and accomplishments exemplified by
Alice Boarman Baldridge
• Demonstrate commitment and passion for serving others while making an impact and
leading with purpose
• Have made a significant contribution to empower, advance, advocate, or support women
• Inspire others through their work, ideas, and example
• Are known for their positive influence and exceptional abilities
• Radiate passion and purpose to make an impact in their community
• Are advocates for change, lead by example, and practice mentorship
• Are making a difference in the lives of others
• Are compassionate and caring humanitarians
• Are thought leaders and visionaries
• Demonstrate a commitment to the highest ethical standards

Note: IWF-Alabama Board officers are excluded from this award while serving in any officer

• A nomination may be made by an IWF-Alabama member or members in good standing
(members may not nominate themselves)
• The nomination packet will include:
o A completed on-line application
o Letters of recommendation from: (1) the member making the nomination; and (2)
another IWF-AL member who supports the nomination

• Applications and attached letters of recommendation should be submitted to the
Leadership/Awards Committee.
• Nomination submissions will be due on March 31.

The Judges Panel will include five IWF members representing Forums from across the United
States, the IWF management team, and the Alabama Forum. The judges will review applications
and recommendation letters independently, and then meet via Zoom to select the award recipient.

The Baldridge Award recipient will be presented a gift designed and created by a woman artist.

Born on August 21, 1874, Alice Boarman Baldridge graduated from Sophie Newcomb College and
moved to Huntsville in 1895. A respected community leader, she was a charter member and vice
president of the Huntsville Library Board; edited a Huntsville newspaper, Huntsville Evening Tribune:
Library Edition, in 1904; and served as president of the Women’s League. Alice was the first woman
elected to public office in Madison County, winning a seat on the Madison County school board in
1916, four years before women had the right to vote. She was also an instrumental leader in the
women’s suffrage movement, speaking across the State of Alabama, and considered one of the best
women speakers in the state. She at one time owned 40 farms of various sizes in Madison County.
In 1918, Alice passed the Alabama State Bar exam, and became Madison County's first female
attorney. She practiced law in Huntsville until 1923, when she joined a Wall Street firm in New York
City and practiced law there until her retirement in 1957. Alice died on July 23, 1961 and is buried in
Maple Hill Cemetery.

“We women are the arch wheedlers and coaxers of the race. … We have begged for everything we
got. … First, we begged for our personal freedom and got it; we begged for an education and got it;
we begged to be allowed to own our own property and got it; we begged for legal and economic
equality, and we are getting it; and now we are begging for our political enfranchisement, and this we
shall most surely get.”

~ Alice Boarman Baldridge, 1916

Note:  In March 2022, the Historic Huntsville Foundation will dedicate a historic marker honoring
Alice Boarman Baldridge, as part of HHF’s ongoing “Places Where Huntsville Women Made
History” celebration.